The Shooting Gallery,
      Julian's Private Scrapbook Book 3
Revised Edition
Fiction by: Eldot
293 pages
106,600 words

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Genre: Gay, Coming of Age,
Adult, Romance

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“While ... intimacy is often explored in fiction, it’s much rarer to find it imbued with positive, canny eroticism, as it is here. The tone is somewhat Utopian; the characters are not influenced by the usual shame or taboos society places on sex between males.... The author goes inside the heads of the characters, so that we understand their bashfulness, their longing or curiosity. There is a nonchalant, playful tone that removes the stigma of queer intimacy that easily might have tormented teenaged American men in 1962.” - Blue Ink Reviews

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The Revised Edition of The Shooting Gallery is scheduled to be released in February, 2019.

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Publisher’s Note:

This book is intended for mature readers. It contains a number of sexually explicit male/male scenes. It contains no pornography or graphic language, but there are several intimate passages. Well before the time that determines the age perspective from which the story was written, all characters in this work were over eighteen.

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