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In Lieu of a Blog

The marketing gurus extol the virtues of creating a presence in the blogosphere. Their reasons for this have considerable merit. But, alas... I do not have the time or inclination to tend an enterprise of that dimension.

Instead, I have agreed to write down a few things that could or would likely arise in such a forum, and to post them as supplements in the LJR/JPS web pages. Some items I will treat in detail if the muse so dictates. I am composing this off the top of my head, so please don’t use this as a yardstick of how organized I am or what I regard as most important. These remarks, by the way, are in addition to the Preface published in the novel. That document is primary to anything I supply here.

I reserve the right to revisit this essay in the future, however. It may be that the Diphra feedback form will provide me with more to say on these or other matters.

Here’s my opening list of topics:

  1. Why this subject matter?
  2. Why 5 volumes?
  3. The fabric of Little J and Roger
  4. The E word
  5. Postscriptus
    1. Back to the drawing board
    2. An odd thing happened…
    3. Latest developments
  6. The calendar problem

None of this is needed to enjoy or understand any of the books. These are provided for the casually interested, the persons that relish footnotes. I’ll write these from time to time and add them to the list. Titles ready to read are linked by red letters.

-- Eldot

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