What?!! Go to a dance? With a girl?!!

The first book of Julian’s Sophomore Year, You’re in High School now, is HERE!

Eldot presents a new and hilarious chapter in Julian's poignant story. He weaves a comical tapestry for a very serious subject: who are these boys who get bullied? He gets inside the heads of the characters and shows how they should be accepted and celebrated for whom they are.

Coming of age for a gay boy was tricky in the early 1960s, especially during the first year in high school. Julian makes new friends and goes to his first school dance. His artistic skill gets the attention it needs and helps make up for having to postpone achieving his primary goal in life: Mark.

Meanwhile, Mark begins to deal with the inner demon that has plagued him since returning from summer camp. How this will impact Julian’s ambitions is an open question.

The Second Edition of You’re in High School now is available in all formats: hardcover, paperback and ebook.

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The first edition has been withdrawn.

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You’re in high school now
Fiction by: Eldot
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499 pages
199,729 words
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ISBN: 978-0-9966325-1-5

Genre: Gay, Coming of Age,
Romance, Comedy
tags: coming of age, 1960s, mm romance, boyfriends, first love, gay adolescents, love and relationships, young adult, historical

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This book is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It contains a few sexually explicit male/male scenes. It contains no pornography or graphic language, but there are some intimate passages. Well before the time that determines the age perspective from which the story was written, all characters in this work were over eighteen.

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