Little J and Roger
Summer camp, the unexpurgated version

What could be more fun than a two week romp in a boy scout camp?

This romantic comedy is about love and discovery and coming of age in the early 1960s. Embedded in an episodic two week summer camp full of variety and fun, the narrative looks at the world from inside the mind of a boy who is in a big hurry to grow up.

The series addresses the sometimes troubling and controversial issue of a teen’s “coming out” in a different way: comedy. A lot of boys frolic, experiment, and discover wonderful things. There are surprises and lots of fulfilled expectations. Very fulfilled. Naturally, most of these are not “approved” activities.

The underlying theme and topic are serious, but the treatment is meant to entertain and answer the call for nostalgia. The happy days of youth are special; why not relive some memories, or supply ones that were missed? This is a peek at the world before the internet and cell phones.

This series explores a taboo subject, perhaps for the first time: a scout seduces his scoutmaster. Their story is the thread that holds the five books together. If that is too daring, you should retreat and read the alternate series, Julian’s Private Scrapbook. The other aspects of the book are the same, for the most part.

Little J and Roger: A Five-Part Series

Book 1: Barr’s Meadow
241 pages, 99,000 words
Published February 4, 2011

Book 2: The Poker Club
272 pages, 98,450 words
Published May 1, 2011

Book 3: The Shooting Gallery
283 pages, 104,900 words
Published July 1, 2011

Book 4: Thunder and Lightning
292 pages, 106,700 words
Published August 1, 2011

Book 5: The Champions
327 pages, 120,300 words
Published September 1, 2011

Inside Eldot’s World: a literary gazetteer
174 pages, 40,000 words
Published July 4, 2012
Publisher’s Note:

This series is intended for mature readers. The subject is hugely controversial and sensitive. It is not written to serve or encourage prurient interests; it contains no pornography or graphic language, but there are several intimate male/male passages. Readers who are offended by that should not read these books. All the characters in the story were 62 years of age or older at the time the story was written in 2010.

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