Inside Eldot's World
Inside Eldot’s World: a literary gazetteer
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Non Fiction by: Eldot
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Genre: Gay and Lesbian, Non Fiction,
Essay, Literature

writing skills, readers guide, social criticism, literary style, literary analysis, supplementary text, book graphics and design
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Short description

Pioneering, and controversial: the 5 novel series Little J and Roger, and its successor Julian’s Private Scrapbook are unlike anything attempted before in fiction. The Gazetteer is part history, part analysis, part supplementary to the books. The author shows the inside story of this daring series. The whys and hows are fully explained—no questions are left unanswered.

The series defies placement in any standard category. This reader’s guide shows why.

The extensive essays from the website are here, as well as new topics written just for this book. Once you browse through this guide, you will have a good idea about the series and whether or not any of these books are for you. Coming of age, comedy, nostalgia, romance, adventure, gay teens, summer camp, 1960s—these are all there and more. The book is classified as adult because it is written for adults. Candor and open discussions about personal matters are not possible unless that is made clear up front.

Important: The illustrations are extensive and the file is larger than a book primarily composed of textual information. The 5 MB abridged version will be available, also free, in epub, mobi, and PDF formats on this site. The section on Graphics is not included in that version.